Weight Loss

Seems like everyone’s worried about their health, and the health of their families.

Like 2 of 3 Americans, either they, their spouses, or their kids are heavy and/or obese.

Despite their best attempts to make healthy lifestyle choices, they’re unsuccessful at losing weight, putting them at risk for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

I understand. I know that being heavy & obese, more than anything, is a spiritual condition. It hurts to be fat.

But it feels good when you learn to take control of your weight. I know I went from 267 to 220 — have lost 47 lbs and am working towards losing the rest.

There’s hope. I can show you how you possess the power to heal yourself. So you can lead by example, and then go and heal others.

You’ll feel and look better than you have in years.

The Fab 5

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